Discovering Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX

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If you are a newcomer to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or planning to relocate here and eager to explore the local attractions, Sherley Heritage Park in Anna, TX is an excellent starting point. It offers a fantastic starting point for immersing yourself in the rich heritage and charm of the region.

Its unique blend of historical richness and contemporary recreational facilities makes it an ideal spot for family outings. Here, you can relish the meticulously restored train depot, enjoy a picnic in the large pavilion, or let your children explore the community-built, train-themed playground. It’s not just a park; it’s a journey into the past, coupled with the joys of present-day amenities.

The park stands as a testament to Anna’s historical connection with the rail line, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to understand the city’s roots.

Discover Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX

History of Sherley Heritage Park

Sherley Heritage Park is a testament to Anna, Texas history. Established at the junction of Sherley Avenue and 4th Street, the park commemorates Anna’s blossoming around the rail line. As new residents of Dallas area, you’ll get an authentic feel of the area’s historical journey every time you visit.

Discover Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX

Features of the Park

The park is well-equipped with several amenities. The highlight of the site is the community-built, train-themed playground, which is a favorite among our younger residents. The newly restored train depot is another nod to our city’s rich rail history. And let’s not forget the large pavilion, an ideal spot for family picnics or community gatherings.

Discover Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX
Discover Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX
Discover Sherley Heritage Park: A Gem in the Heart of Anna, TX

How to Make Reservations

Reserving the large pavilion at Sherley Heritage Park for your personal events couldn’t be easier. Just visit our Parks Reservation website, select the date and time, and follow the straightforward booking process.

Park Hours and Rules

Please note that park hours are from one hour before dawn until 11:00 PM. The park is open to the public every day of the year except in unusual or unforeseen circumstances.


Sherley Heritage Park is a hub of community life and a testament to the memories of our shared history. As new residents in the Dallas area, we encourage you to visit, enjoy the amenities, and support the park’s ongoing growth. Welcome to your new home, and enjoy our beautiful Sherley Heritage Park!

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