The highly anticipated annual TOP 50 List of master-planned communities in the US has just been unveiled!

Guess what? Out of the 50, we’ve got 4 awesome communities in Collin and Denton Counties that made the cut!

It’s a testament to the remarkable quality and appeal of these communities, showcasing their undeniable allure and desirability.

Four master-planned communities in Dallas-Fort Worth have been recognized among the nation's top 50

Here’s why it’s important:

As Texas continues to grow, so does the demand for housing. And based on the sales record, homebuyers really see the value of master-planned communities. These communities are not just everywhere; they’re something special that takes living standards to a whole new level. And guess what? We have these fantastic developments right here in the DFW area. If you’re interested in buying a home in one of the top 50 master-planned communities in the whole nation, reach out to me, and I’ll make it happen. Having a realtor by your side makes home-buying much easier and less stressful. Let’s find your dream home together!

Here are the communities that made it to the national TOP 50 list:

#16 Silverado, Aubrey, Texas, with 721 home sales

#33 Windsong Ranch Prosper, Texas with 551 home sales

#42 Painted Tree McKinney, Texas with 448 home sales

#46 Union Park Little Elm, Texas with 402 home sales

So, what exactly is a master-planned community?

Master-planned communities (MPCs) are a special kind of residential development. They’re based on a comprehensive plan by a master developer, which includes various housing types, sizes, and prices. MPCs also have shared common spaces, amenities, and a vibrant public realm.

The best MPCs, the ones that become top sellers, are usually developed with a strong vision and a comprehensive plan. This plan guides development and brings the community together through unique signage, wayfinding, entry features, landscaping, and architectural design standards.

MPCs set themselves apart from typical suburban subdivisions by creating a true sense of community. They provide a space where neighbors can interact and foster an environment for generations to thrive in housing and community. Many even offer educational opportunities, local shops, services, and job centers to complement the residential areas. The most resilient MPCs have flexible master plans that are environmentally conscious, responsive to the market, and enhance the residents’ lifestyles.

Here’s how the rankings are calculated:

The ranking of the Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities in 2023 is based on the total number of new home sales, after deducting cancellations, as reported by each community. Communities shared preliminary sales numbers in early December, which were then annualized to estimate year-end sales. Final sales figures were provided in the first week of January, with some updates throughout the month. To be included in this ranking, MPCs must have certain features.

Who’s in charge of the ranking?

Introducing RCLCO Real Estate Consulting! Every year since 1994, they’ve conducted a national survey to identify the top-selling master-planned communities (MPCs) across the country. It’s their 30th consecutive year, and this initiative not only recognizes the most successful communities but also monitors the overall health of the for-sale housing industry. They’re all about highlighting trends and learning from the best practices of pioneering MPCs. The 30th Edition for 2023 showcases the rankings of The Top-Selling Master-Planned Communities of 2023, based on their survey of MPCs nationwide.


Which state boasts the most winning communities?

Florida accounted for about 40% of sales in the top-ranked communities, with Texas coming in at nearly 37%.

Here are the key takeaways to keep in mind:

In general, the sales of MPC in 2023 surpassed expectations. A lot of developers who took part in this survey mentioned that the incentives provided by builders played a crucial role in the successful pace of home sales in 2023.

Sales in the Top-50 communities saw a solid increase of nearly 14% in 2023 compared to the slower sales pace set by the Top-50 MPCs of 2022. Many developers mentioned having better access to materials and more favorable inventory levels for new construction. However, sales in the second half of the year were slower than in the first half. This was due to factors such as lower overall job growth, mortgage rates peaking at 7.8% in October, and slower economic growth in the fourth quarter.

Despite a potential slowdown in Q1 2024, RCLCO expects new home sales to gradually increase throughout the year. As mortgage rates slowly decline and home price growth moderates, the outlook is optimistic. The Mortgage Bankers Association predicts rates of 6.1% by the end of 2024, while Fannie Mae expects a dip to 6.5% over the same period. With declining rates and an improving economy in the second half, new home sales are expected to catch up with Q3 2023.

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Photos of Master-Planned Communities in Dallas-Fort Worth

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