Why Home Inspections are Essential for Home Buyers

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for many people but it can also be very stressful.
After all, you have to find the right house, put in an offer, and make sure that your new home is safe and sound.
That’s why getting a professional home inspection before you commit to buying any property is essential.

Having a home inspection done by a qualified inspector is of paramount importance.

Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is Essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is an essential step for anyone purchasing a house. It is a visual examination of the dwelling’s structure and systems conducted by a trained and licensed inspector.
Knowledgeable in building houses, the inspector will conduct a thorough review of all visible and accessible areas to identify any current or potential issues that could compromise your investment.

Does Texas Law require Home Inspection?

While it is not a legal requirement in Texas, home inspections are strongly recommended for prospective real estate buyers.
Not only is this an essential step in helping buyers make informed decisions about their purchases, but it can also protect them from unexpected and costly surprises down the line.

Are Home Inspectors in Texas require a license?

A home inspector in Texas has to be licensed by the state to perform an actual Home Inspection. All home Inspectors are regulated by Texas Real Estate Commission

From Texas Real Estate Commission:

A real estate inspector is a person who is licensed to perform an inspection of a property that is the subject of a real estate transaction.
An inspector can work for either a buyer or seller and is required to follow a Standards of Practice, which provides the minimum standards an inspector must follow when inspecting a property.

TREC issues three levels of inspector licenses: Apprentice Inspector, Real Estate Inspector, and Professional Real Estate Inspector.

Learn More! Visit TREC website: https://www.trec.texas.gov/become-licensed/inspector

Who needs a home inspection?

The truth is that every home needs a home inspection because EVERY HOME DOES HAVE ISSUES!
Even with new construction home is not perfect and often has a slew of issues.
A home inspection is a valuable tool that can be used by both the buyer and seller of a property. For home buyers, it is extremely important to know the condition of their potential investment.
An inspector can provide information on significant defects or needed repairs so buyers can make informed decisions before signing any documents.
Home sellers can benefit from a thorough inspection before listing a property as it may help them to accurately estimate the value and make any necessary repairs before attracting potential buyers.
Overall, getting a home inspection provides excellent benefits for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders in ensuring that everyone is informed about any potential issues with the property.

What does a Home Inspection include?

A General Home Inspection looks at all the home’s major components.
And the major components would be HVAC, electrical, roof, attic, Foundation, Plumbing, and appliances.
An Inspector will be looking for anything that’s structurally or mechanically deficient, not up to current building standards or practices, or that could be a hazard to you and your family.
The Home inspection will help you understand the property’s actual condition before you buy it and give you an idea of what repair costs may lie ahead.

What is the outcome of a home inspection?

The outcome of a Home inspection is an INSPECTION REPORT.
This report is issued on a PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORT FORM, and it will highlight any uncovered deficiencies along with recommendations from the inspector.
It is important to note that the inspection report is only valid on the day of the inspection and should be updated if any changes are made to the property.

Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

Home inspections typically take anywhere between three to four hours on average. However, that number can differ depending on the size of the property.
It is highly recommended that you join the inspector in the last 30 minutes so that they can explain and discuss the findings with you.
This will help ensure a clear understanding of what needs attention and further assessment from a professional.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area the average cost of a General home inspection is around $475 to $500, so you should budget in this range.
It’s important to note that while this price is the estimated average, it could fluctuate depending on the size of the property.

Do you need a home inspection for a New construction home?

Despite the fact that most builders conduct exemplary work, they are not always able to evaluate every aspect of a newly constructed home in its entirety.
This is where a home inspector can come in and be an independent third-party resource to inspect any part of the new build in order to ensure that it meets all building codes and regulations.
They can reveal any deficiencies that may be present, which can then be resolved before you take ownership of the home.
Even the best builders can make mistakes or overlook details, such as having hot and cold water running on the wrong sides, checking all outlets, and evaluating the attic space.
Home inspectors provide an unbiased service that works solely on behalf of the buyer in order to identify any potential issues before they become costly problems.
While new-construction homes generally have fewer deficiencies than pre-owned homes, a thorough inspection is still beneficial as even minor details can become major repairs over time.

Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149

The Benefits of Choosing Experienced Home Inspectors

It’s important to recognize that not all inspectors are created equal; when selecting someone for this job, it’s always best to choose someone with experience in this field.
An experienced inspector will have more knowledge about possible issues that could arise with older and newer homes, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed during their inspection process.
Furthermore, experienced inspectors will often have access to specialized equipment that detects hidden problems.


Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149

How to verify a Home Inspector license in Texas?

Verifying whether a home inspector is properly licensed in the state of Texas requires only a few simple steps.
The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) provides an online search option to look up a home inspector’s license details, including the expiration date and whether any formal complaints have been filed against the individual or business.
All you need to do is access the TREC homepage and enter the inspector’s license number into the License Holder Search box, select “Inspector” under License Type, and click the Search Licenses button for an instant report on your chosen individual or company.
Once verified, you can proceed with confidence that a valid and reliable home inspector is managing your home inspection project.



Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149

All-in-all, home inspections are essential for anyone looking to relocate or purchase a new property in Texas!
Experienced inspectors will be able to inspect every aspect of your potential new home and provide valuable insight into any potential problems which may need addressing before committing fully.
This step ensures that you will feel confident in purchasing your dream home!




Every Home in Dallas Does Have Issues-First-Time Home Buyers Tip-Home Inspection is essential- - Oleg Sedletsky Realtor in DFW - 214-940-8149