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Today’s topic: Do you really need a home inspection when you’re getting your home ready to sell?

The Significance of Home Inspection in the Home Selling Process

The thing is, every home has its quirks, even brand-new ones. Of course, the extent of these quirks can vary from one home to another.

Another thing is that most residential home sales will typically have a home inspection done during the home selling process. I have an article and a video about the benefits of home inspection that you should check out for a better understanding.

You probably already know that home inspection is usually associated with homebuyers. They use it to uncover any potential issues with the property. The inspection report gives valuable insights into the current condition of the property. However, buyers usually conduct the inspection after their offer is accepted.

So, you might be wondering, why not get the inspection report sooner? That way, the seller wouldn’t have to wait all this time for the buyer’s inspection.

That’s a great question!

As a Realtor, I think it’s a fantastic idea for home sellers to consider getting a home inspection before listing their property.

Preparing your home for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth: The Significance of Home Inspection in the Home Selling Process

Scenario #1: Home Inspection after Listing (buyer takes care of it)

Picture this: you’ve spent days, maybe weeks, sprucing up your house for sale. You’ve listed it on the market, advertised it, and even hosted a few Open Houses and showings. But throughout all this, there’s a nagging worry at the back of your mind. What will the buyer’s home inspection uncover? Will you have to spend more on repairs or buyer incentives? This, my friends, can be pretty stressful!

Scenario #2: Pre-Listing Home Inspection (seller does it)

Now, let’s consider a different approach. You hire a home inspector before you list the house on the market. You get all the facts, the good, the bad, and the ugly, about your house. You decide which issues to fix and which ones to leave as-is and adjust the price accordingly. No stress, no surprises, just you setting the tone of the sale. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Preparing your home for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth: The Significance of Home Inspection in the Home Selling Process
Preparing your home for sale in Dallas-Fort Worth: The Significance of Home Inspection in the Home Selling Process

Comparing both scenarios

It’s clear that knowledge truly is power. Having an early home inspection gives you the upper hand. You can focus on what really needs fixing during your home prep. And when it comes to negotiations, you’re prepared!

Disclosure of Home Inspection Report by Seller

Now, it’s crucial to remember that you must disclose the inspection report in your Seller disclosure form. Yeah, it’s a bit more paperwork, but trust me, it’s worth it!

Sellers Disclosure Form

Cost of Home Inspection

As for the cost of a home inspection, it varies. You’re looking at anything from $350 to $1000, depending on the size of your property and the type of inspection. Use Google to find some local home inspectors and get a quote.

Wrapping things up

So, is the home inspection worth it for you, a Dallas area home seller? Only you can decide. I hope this post has helped clarify some things for you. And remember, I’m always here to help you on your home-selling journey. A quick phone call or an email, and we can get started!

Remember, you’re not required to do anything. A property can be sold ‘AS IS.’ The value, however, will definitely reflect the property’s condition. So preparation is key if you want the best value from your sale. The effort you put in will show in your property value. Let’s get your house ready for sale together!

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owner, usually in a written listing to sell or property management agreement. An owner’s agent must perform the broker’s minimum
duties above and must inform the owner of any material information about the property or transaction known by the agent, including
information disclosed to the agent or subagent by the buyer or buyer’s agent.

A BROKER’S MINIMUM DUTIES REQUIRED BY LAW (A client is the person or party that the broker represents):
Put the interests of the client above all others, including the broker’s own interests;
Inform the client of any material information about the property or transaction received by the broker;
Answer the client’s questions and present any offer to or counteroffer from the client; and
Treat all parties to a real estate transaction honestly and fairly.

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