Do’s and Don’ts After Applying for a Mortgage

Do’s and Don’ts To Get Final Loan Approval

Be aware that the mortgage can be denied after pre-approval for reasons that are common such as change of employment, negative item on credit, additional debt(s), issues with the appraisal, etc.

It’s important to work closely with your Loan Officer closely!

Your loan officer will be guiding you through the process and to help you get final loan approval.

While in the process, there are common DO’s and DON’Ts that you need to be aware of.

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The DO’s:

  • • DO: Keep copies of the documents your lender requests.
  • • DO: Send your lender and title company any and all amendments/changes *must go to appraiser!!*
  • • DO: Discuss ANY employment changes (even promotions) with your lender.
  • • DO: Discuss any large/cash deposits with your lender.

The DON’Ts

  • • DON’T: Make any LARGE purchases or transfer money until discussed with Loan Officer.
  • • DON’T: Open any additional credit tradelines or cosign until discussed with Loan Officer.
  • • DON’T: Pay off/close any credit tradelines until discussed with Loan Officer.
  • • DON’T: Accept job changes/promotions/ RETIRE until discussed with Loan Officer.
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