How Long Does It Take To Buy A House (find and close)?

So, you decided to buy a place to call HOME! Congratulations!

Texas is a fantastic place to live, and there are many homes available in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.
Naturally, the question will arise HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO BUY A HOME?

The following are some interesting statistics:

• On average, people spend 30-60 days shopping for a new home.

• On average, it takes 15-60 days to go from contract to close.

On average, the entire process (find and close) of buying a new Home takes 45 – 120 days.

Of course, these numbers vary from case to case, and there are instances where it only takes 30 days for the buyer to find and close on a home.
In other instances, the home buying process can take more than 60 days.

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