When we find a suitable Home that matches your criteria and price point, I as Your Realtor will submit the offer on your behalf.

Once your offer is accepted the contract will be executed, and the Home Inspection and Survey will be recommended before making the contract final.

If there are no findings that may affect the home value, the contract becomes finalized and your Loan Officer will complete the mortgage.

Let’s take a look at sequence of events that will take place after you sign a Home Purchase contract

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Step by Step from Contract to Closing

  • 1. Contract offer accepted and contract provided to the lender
  • 2. Lender discloses loan terms to the client
  • 3. Upon receipt of executed loan disclosures and borrower documentation file is sent to processing
  • 4. The processor begins by ordering appraisal, title, survey, verification and reviewing client documentation
  • 5. The file is submitted to underwriting to be reviewed by Lender’s Underwriting
  • 6. Underwriter issues conditional loan approval
  • 7. Loan Officer and Processor work with client to provide items required by underwriter
  • 8. File is sent back to underwriting for final loan approval
  • 9. Clear to Close/ Final Loan Approval Issued by Underwriter
  • 10. File is sent to the closing department where attorney will prepare the documents for closing
  • 11. Closing disclosure (CD) sent to borrower
  • 12. Closing documents provided to Title company
  • 13. Pre-Closing Walk-Through
  • 14. CLOSING!

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